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Installing Skype on HTC HD2


If you are on this page you probably have an HTC HD2 phone and looking to install Skype on it. There are a lot of forums about how compatible is Skype with windows 6.5 and most of them say that it was.. but Skype stopped supporting windows 6.5. Yet seems that Skype works fine on my HTC HD2 Windows 6.5 from T-mobile.  The installation was simple just unzip and upload the CAB file.SkypeWM_v3.0.0.256

After installing it took some time to login. I turned on Wifi and it worked. First it asked me to use headsets. I did not… So I could not hear the other side but they could hear me.


Plugged in the Headset and it worked. I also turned off the Wifi and still worked.  I am glad it works fine was at the point of installing Android on my HTC HD2. Lets hope now that Microsoft bought Skype it will run on MS and will be supported. Still dont understand why Skype is not supporting it anymore …

Only thing you should be careful with is your Data plan as the traffic may eat up your 200mb limit if you are not on a bigger plan


Google Suspending Adsense accounts


We all remember the bad times with Microsoft killing its competition and not caring about it customers. So Google came and we fell in love with their "free" applications opens source etc…

As you can notice recently to breath you have to have a google email account. For example if you buy a phone from T-mobile you need to have internet and open a gmail account.

A month ago Google suspended my adsense account for Invalid Clicks they provided no explanation just suspended the account by accident just about when the payout was due…

Unfortunetly I hate google as they are  getting more arrogant as they grow.

If anyone has another suggestion of other advertising companies Please share with us.


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