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Google SMTP mail Internal Server Error


If you decided to use Google as your mail server and already set up it in a way like:

  1. Set the SMTP server name to
  2. Set the username to your google email address
  3. Enter your password
  4. Set SMTP Port to 465
  5. Set SMTP Encryption to TLS


yet when I tried to send email I was receiving “internal server error ” msgs.

In the error log I see “Premature header…”

After spending hours on research I found that on your server you should have outgoing port 465 not blocked by the firewall.

Happy New Year Hostmonster way…


It seems hostmonster is cleaning their servers again.

I have been hosting with them for 18 months with few issues. I also referred more then 10 clients to them. The last referral was just yesterday and today January 10th 2009… all I noticed that my web page was taken down without a single warning…

Contact them and asked for a reason. They said: you are using too much server resources. I told them I had this site up and running for the last 6 months without any change in script/visitors/database so what happened?

The referred me to the error log to check. One of the support suggested that I should delete empty databases. I told her you allow us to use 100 db in your plan why would my 33 databases be an issue even if it is empty??

The reinstated my site and I started working on the error log and scripts only 5 minutes later they just took down the whole site and killed my cpanel access. I had to beg to get back my data…

Moving on .. AVOID hostmonster if you are thinking of a website with more than 100 visitors a day. Once you go up bit with visitors they will take your site down.

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