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How do I Flush DNS?


If  you change your domains DNS settings it may take up to 24hours to propagate across the internet.

Sometimes the OLD DNS entry will be cached and you will need to either flush the DNS cache to get rid of it, or wait up to 24 hours for it to be dropped from the cache automatically.

To do this in windows click on Start=>Run

then type: cmd

in the black window type:

ipconfig /flushdns
Press enter.

If you get an error saying:

Need Elevation
1. Click Start or Windows logo at the bottom left corner of the screen
 2. Click All Programs
 3. Click Accessories
 4. RIGHT-click on Command Prompt
 5. Select Run As Administrator
 6. In the command window type the following and then hit enter:  ipconfig /flushdns
 7. You will see the following confirmation:
Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.
If you get an error msg saying: " Windows IP Configuration Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution." Go to: Start>> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services (Open services) 2 in the list find: " DNS Client" right click >> Properties >> Change "Start up Type" to automatic >> Click Start Now you should be able to flush your dns. 3 After done make sure you put back DNS Client to disabled.

Setting up DNS on VPS


So here I move to VPS. To transfer my domain I need to set up name servers..

I have Plesk control panel but it should be similar with other control panels..

Plesk gives you some default name servers but one of the requirements from my domain registrar ( I have a foreign domain and no access to change my own dns servers) was to have TWO dns servers.

Luckily give 3 IP addresses for VPS. So you need to add at least one more.. then..
plesk->homepage->yourdomain->DNS zone management
1-Delete the current NS record in your dns zone
So delete: A YourIP NS

2-Add two A records for nameservers, like: IN A yourFirstIP IN A yoursecondIP

3-Add two new NS records like: IN NS IN NS

Hope this information was useful.

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