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Send money Quick and Cheap International Transferwise


I send money monthly to my family in Europe from the US. I was sending quarterly with wire transfer for $40 through chase which sounded the cheapest option. Luckily banks no longer control money transfer more and more fintech companies are offering faster and more affordable service.


That is how I found Transferwise

They are not only affordable, but my family receives the funds in 3 hours and in local currency. The exchange rate is better than what you can find in the local banks or exchange stores.


Actually,  I took it to the extreme when on vacation I ended up not changing my dollars locally but transferred funds to my European bank account instead as the exchange rate was better.

Check it out you have nothing to lose plus if you use the below referral link you get 1 free transfer.

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Unable to receive SafePass text msgs from Bank Of America


Recently found out about the benefits of having SafePass on my Bank of America account. I tried to activate it but I never received the text msg on my t-mobile phone that on subscription.


Turned out the issue was with my T-mobile services I had to login and change services to remove the:

“Block Content Downloads” that was offered for free..

Then had to restart my phone and finally I received the msg.


Not sure hat the text msg has to do with blocking the content download but.. it worked…

Paypal Fraud


On Feb 10 2011 I linked my AMEX credit card to my paypal account because they promised faster deposits etc..

On April 10th my Amex card was hit with a fraudulent charge of 28 dollars then on April 19 another charge of 49.99.

This is what they posted on my amex:

Transaction Date: Apr 10, 2011
Post Date: Apr 10, 2011
Charge: $28.00
Reference No: xxx some number
14761476 402-935-7733
Merchant Address: 2145 HAMILTON AVE SAN JOSE CA 95125-5905

I never authorized this transaction called Paypal customer service they said they will investigate 10 business days. Seems someone used your account and paid via “guest payment” where you only input the credit card number and address.

Not sure how my how my credit card information got out. I was always careful using it only time it gets out of my site is at a restaurant but still they dont know my address to use it on paypal….
I really suspect that some credit card information got stolen from some ” Securely stored brand company” as I never used my card with any small company. Just amazon, paypal or dominos…

Posting this article to remind you that you need to review your credit card statement thoroughly and if you see anything similar to the description above make sure you check that it is a transaction that you authorized.

Waiting for paypal to resolve this charge will keep you updated.

10 Days later Paypal issued AMEX a credit and I could see the credit 15 days later on my account. Had to cancel my credit card and get a new one.

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