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I send money monthly to my family in Europe from the US. I was sending quarterly with wire transfer for $40 through chase which sounded the cheapest option. Luckily banks no longer control money transfer more and more fintech companies are offering faster and more affordable service.


That is how I found Transferwise

They are not only affordable, but my family receives the funds in 3 hours and in local currency. The exchange rate is better than what you can find in the local banks or exchange stores.


Actually,  I took it to the extreme when on vacation I ended up not changing my dollars locally but transferred funds to my European bank account instead as the exchange rate was better.

Check it out you have nothing to lose plus if you use the below referral link you get 1 free transfer.

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Nexus 6 allow internet share



Android KitKat introduced a new “flag” which the OS sends along to the carrier to indicate whether the data is from a tethered device rather than from the device itself. This flag is present in Android Lollipop as well, though, like before, T-Mobile may be the only carrier (currently) using it.

To get around this, all we need to do is change the flag. You’ll need to have OEM unlocked and rooted your phone before you get started, but once that’s done, here’s how to toggle the flag:

  1. Modifying system files could render your device useless, so by continuing you’re assuming that risk
  2. Since this involves working around a carrier setting, you also need to make sure that your plan doesn’t prohibit you to tether (Note: your plan doesn’t have specifically allow you to tether, it just has to not prohibit you from doing so)
  3. (Optional) Using a root file explorer, navigate to /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/ and make a copy of settings.db
  4. Install and open a SQL editor and grant it root access when prompted (such as SQLite Editor)
  5. Tap the APPS tab and then “Settings Storage”
  6. Tap on settings.db then global
  7. Tap on the + symbol to add a new key/value pair
  8. In the name field type in tether_dun_required
  9. In the value field type in 0 (zero)
  10. Tap Save
  11. Open the Android system Settings
  12. Under WIRELESS & NETWORKS tap More…
  13. Tap Mobile networks then APNs
  14. (If you’re using T-Mobile) Make sure your T-Mobile configuration is selected (mine is T-Mobile GPRS), then tap on it
  15. (If you’re using T-Mobile) Make sure your APN protocol and APN roaming protocol are both set to IPv4 (it doesn’t look like tethering works with IPv6 yet)
  16. (If you’re using T-Mobile) Make sure your APN is set to fast.t-mobile.com
  17. Reboot
  18. See if tethering works for you. If not, continue with the next section.


Some are reporting that the change above doesn’t work all the time, and may not work with AT&T. If that describes you, modify your build.prop file.

  1. Modifying system files could render your device useless, so by continuing you’re assuming that risk
  2. Since this involves working around a carrier setting, you also need to make sure that your plan doesn’t prohibit you to tether (Note: your plan doesn’t have specifically allow you to tether, it just has to not prohibit you from doing so)
  3. Using a root file explorer, navigate to /system/
  4. (Optional) Make a copy of the build.prop
  5. Open the build.prop file with a text editor
  6. Add the following line to the bottom of build.prop file: net.tethering.noprovisioning=true
  7. Save the file and reboot your device

While these steps have been confirmed to work with both T-Mobile and AT&T, we haven’t checked to see if they’ll work with Sprint, Verizon, or other carriers. If it works for you, regardless of which carrier you use, we want to hear about it! Head down to the comments and let us know!

Unable to receive SafePass text msgs from Bank Of America


Recently found out about the benefits of having SafePass on my Bank of America account. I tried to activate it but I never received the text msg on my t-mobile phone that on subscription.


Turned out the issue was with my T-mobile services I had to login and change services to remove the:

“Block Content Downloads” that was offered for free..

Then had to restart my phone and finally I received the msg.


Not sure hat the text msg has to do with blocking the content download but.. it worked…

Watchout how Capital One Destroys ING Direct


As you may know Capital One purchased ING Direct in early 2012. Capital One said that ING Direct will not change. Think again!

Capital one was always one of my less favorite banks due to their shameless high interest rates on credit cards and especially taking advantage on individuals with not excellent credit scores.

Around September 2012 you could see Ingdirect.com website changes from the regular orange to Capital One 360 brand.y.. Did not have to wait a lot… In October 10th I noticed the APY changed to 0.75% good bye highest online savings.. Just picked up my savings and transferred all to American Express for 0.90% not much difference I just can not stand the greedy Capital One trying to hide behind old ING reputation and start rip off its clients.

I also noticed that my Ingdirect mortgage  rate renew is no longer showing up. I still have 3 years as fixed rate. I was just thinking of renewing my fixed rate for another 5 years and pay 1 month worth of mortgage fee but now…. I have no choice…


It is very unfortunate to see  how Capital One will destroy a good brand like Ingdirect but we can not do anything about it.



Please know that ING DIRECT removed the Rate Renewal tab from the website. The Rate Renewal option is still available for customers that are eligible. To find out if your eligible to do this option online, please call one of our Associates at 1-888-464-0727 for all specific account questions. We’re available from 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week.

Keep in mind, our interest rates, eligibility requirements and the cost of a Rate Renew may change at any time. We may not always offer Rate Renewals.


Member FDIC
Equal Housing Lender


UPDATE: Nov 20, 2012. Called ING and they put the renewal back not sure what else changed and not sure if there are other hidden items why they asked me to call back when this Renewal option was always there on my account in prior years.


UPDATE Sep 15, 2014

Rate renew is still and option but in the spirit of Capital One 360 and not the old ING direct (that is rip off your customers) If I try to renew they offer me 5/1 arm at %3.75 if I go as a new client they offer it at %3.375 it is very unfortunate that the ING Direct brand is amortized but again it is Capital One now… 

If you are thinking of taking a mortgage from Capital One 360 please think again as surprises most likely will continue and as a client you will pay for it.


Installing Skype on HTC HD2


If you are on this page you probably have an HTC HD2 phone and looking to install Skype on it. There are a lot of forums about how compatible is Skype with windows 6.5 and most of them say that it was.. but Skype stopped supporting windows 6.5. Yet seems that Skype works fine on my HTC HD2 Windows 6.5 from T-mobile.  The installation was simple just unzip and upload the CAB file.SkypeWM_v3.0.0.256

After installing it took some time to login. I turned on Wifi and it worked. First it asked me to use headsets. I did not… So I could not hear the other side but they could hear me.


Plugged in the Headset and it worked. I also turned off the Wifi and still worked.  I am glad it works fine was at the point of installing Android on my HTC HD2. Lets hope now that Microsoft bought Skype it will run on MS and will be supported. Still dont understand why Skype is not supporting it anymore …

Only thing you should be careful with is your Data plan as the traffic may eat up your 200mb limit if you are not on a bigger plan


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