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Delete N360_backup

Recently, I upgraded to the new Norton Back antivirus and windows 7 started to show me a msg saying that my “System Restore Drive G” is out of space.

The system restore drive is only 99mb and I noticed a folder N360_backup that was left there by Norton Antiviurs 360. When I tried to delete I got the message that I do not have sufficient rights to delete.


To get around this it was a permission problem you need to:

right click on the folder

click Security Tab

click edit  to edit the permissions to full access apply etc.. then you should be able to delete the N360_backup folder

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Extend Partition C with Vista Windows

I am writing this article due my long frustration with the difficulty of extending the C partition on my Windows Vista Operating System.

When I first got my new laptop I thought that 50GB will be enough for program files on the C partition and created a G partition for storage.

Few months later the 50GB were not enough and needed to extend it. But when I tried to do that the Extend option was GRAYED OUT.

Extending partitions can be done by >START MENU > Over “MY COMPUTER” Right click> Manage

The reason why I could not extend it is because the new Part. G was on the right of C so if you want to extend your C drive you need to:

1-Backup  all your “storage” partion on an external drive. Or create a new partition if you have enough space example partition F and move the content.

2-Delete your old storage partition G

3-Then you will see the extend option not grayed out anymore… So you can extend C again.

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Unable to open links in Outlook email messages


When I open an email message that contain links, and I click on the link,
instead of opening the link in my web browser, a save as window opens, with
“executable file” as the file type.


I had the same problem. When that box opens up, go to the C drive, find Programs, Then select Internet Explorer, then the IE.Exe file.
After this it will open IE. From there, go to tools, internet options, Programs, and Default Web browser and make IE you default web browser. That worked for me. Good luck
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