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This article is a slightly modified article from a great blog post at about how to have our own php.ini with dreamhost.Thank you for your work:
0-Set up your domain for FastCGI (usually it is the case by default)
Login your Dreamhost, enter Manage Domains, Edit your domain setup, in Web Options->PHP mode, select ‘PHP 5 FastCGI’

  1. Download DreamHost Custom PHP.ini from DeamHost Scripts and Tips. Or attached here as of today dh-phpini
  2. Extract the dh-phpini.php from and upload it to you website root.
  3. Open dh-phpini.php in you browse. Example:
  4. Then, this result shows,
  5. After install, this script create ‘cgi-bin’ folder in you website root, including ‘php.ini’ files in the folder, and add this lines in you .htaccess file, if they are not there already:

AddHandler fastcgi-script fcg fcgi fpl
AddHandler php-fastcgi .php
Action php-fastcgi /cgi-bin/dispatch.fcgi

6. Default, the Max upload file size increase to 20M, if you want to change to more, edit php.ini file in ‘cgi-bin’ folder like this,

post_max_size = 50M

upload_max_filesize = 50M

7.For changes to the new php.ini file to take effect , you’ll probably need to restart FastCGI for them to take effect.

Unfortunately you can’t do this from the Dreamhost Control Panel. You need to log in via SSH, and issue the command “killall -9 php5.cgi” to restart FastCGI.

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Please post here any conversation that you had with hostmonster and would like to share..

Happy New Year Hostmonster way…


It seems hostmonster is cleaning their servers again.

I have been hosting with them for 18 months with few issues. I also referred more then 10 clients to them. The last referral was just yesterday and today January 10th 2009… all I noticed that my web page was taken down without a single warning…

Contact them and asked for a reason. They said: you are using too much server resources. I told them I had this site up and running for the last 6 months without any change in script/visitors/database so what happened?

The referred me to the error log to check. One of the support suggested that I should delete empty databases. I told her you allow us to use 100 db in your plan why would my 33 databases be an issue even if it is empty??

The reinstated my site and I started working on the error log and scripts only 5 minutes later they just took down the whole site and killed my cpanel access. I had to beg to get back my data…

Moving on .. AVOID hostmonster if you are thinking of a website with more than 100 visitors a day. Once you go up bit with visitors they will take your site down.

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