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Paypal Fraud

On Feb 10 2011 I linked my AMEX credit card to my paypal account because they promised faster deposits etc..

On April 10th my Amex card was hit with a fraudulent charge of 28 dollars then on April 19 another charge of 49.99.

This is what they posted on my amex:

Transaction Date: Apr 10, 2011
Post Date: Apr 10, 2011
Charge: $28.00
Reference No: xxx some number
14761476 402-935-7733
Merchant Address: 2145 HAMILTON AVE SAN JOSE CA 95125-5905

I never authorized this transaction called Paypal customer service they said they will investigate 10 business days. Seems someone used your account and paid via “guest payment” where you only input the credit card number and address.

Not sure how my how my credit card information got out. I was always careful using it only time it gets out of my site is at a restaurant but still they dont know my address to use it on paypal….
I really suspect that some credit card information got stolen from some ” Securely stored brand company” as I never used my card with any small company. Just amazon, paypal or dominos…

Posting this article to remind you that you need to review your credit card statement thoroughly and if you see anything similar to the description above make sure you check that it is a transaction that you authorized.

Waiting for paypal to resolve this charge will keep you updated.

10 Days later Paypal issued AMEX a credit and I could see the credit 15 days later on my account. Had to cancel my credit card and get a new one.



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  1. Mark Paypal, I got hit too, for $40. on Amer Exp, hoping to resolve. Don’t know how this happened, as I rarely use this card; but word to the wise, always read over your statements and notify credit card company immediately.

  2. I also saw a charge on my Amax as ” Mark Paypal”, it turned out to be my auto pay for Hulu plus. It is just Amaxs way of abbreviating the charge.

  3. My “Mark” charge to PayPal turned out to be the Lastpass password manager. It was poorly identified, but amounts of $12 (annual) or $24 (a couple of subscriptions) would be correct for this service.

  4. Hello,

    Our company has learned an expensive lesson about monopoly control.

    Imagine walking in the store and paying $130.00 inadvertently for an item that cost $51.00 and being told you are plum out of luck because you stepped out of the store and the money has already hit the clerk’s pocket.

    Imagine that you make your claim to the manager that states he/she agrees with you and that you will be refunded your money, but that you will have to take a penalty as you just should have been more observant of the fact that you paid too much.

    There are better alternatives to this kind fo business. By the way, our last purchase with ebay was for $1,200.00 for 10 solar panels. I think financing bad business is behind us with this ebay/paypal/squaretrade monopoly trick.

    We’ve decided to do our company buying through Amazon (that pays the return shipping when the seller is at fault; why should we be punished and take a loss to ship the item back thereby losing money and product?).

    Here’s the email we received stating we won (keep the change, we’ve already closed our ebay/paypal scam accounts with them this day):

    Return Your Item to Receive a Refund : Case # PP-003-423-683-168 (2)
    Oct 21
    Follow these Steps to Receive a Refund

    Dear Springfield Computers,

    We decided the claim for the following transaction in your favor:

    Seller’s Name: Huang Ying Hsueh
    Seller’s Email:
    Seller’s Transaction ID: 71977582S7990620H

    Transaction Date: Sep 21, 2014
    Transaction Amount: -$130.99 USD
    Your Transaction ID: 2M5379673H758841H
    Case Number: PP-003-423-683-168

    Buyer’s Transaction ID: 2M5379673H758841H

    Before we can issue you a refund, we need you to return the item to your
    seller following these steps:

    1. Return the item. Please ship the item to the seller at the following
    Guang Dong
    Taipei City, 523789

    2. Provide us with online tracking. Ship the item using any shipping
    service that provides online tracking.

    When we called to find out why we should pay to ship the heavy item (grid-tie inverter) back to china and why we simply could not simply receive the overage we were charged, the “in our favor” turned into “out of our favor”!!!

    Keep in mind one final factoid, the very same day that we inadvertently overpaid the merchant we emailed paypal to Stop the item from being shipped and refund our money. Instead, they stated they would open an investigation and get back to us…..weeks later we receive the item and the acknowledgement that the case was decided in our favor. Because I called to ascertain as to why we had to ship the item back it took only 3 days to change their mind to the outcome.

    Good riddance~@!

  5. I thought I was scammed for $239.85 but reviewing my ebay purchases found that I purchased a National Instruments Interface Adapter a month ago and forgot about the purchase. It was easy to reconcile and made me feel foolish for reading other people’s scam issues and thinking I too was a victim. I was a victim of “forgotaboutit”. The charge was valid.

    Lesson learned – research before jumping to conclusions…

  6. I have ben charged on my amex under different names they always have *whatevernametheychoose* paypal then when hitting drop down button it refers to mark paypal….any legit pay pal charges has paypal inc. i have almost 6,000.00 over past 2 years in small increments disguised as paypal

  7. This just happened to me on business Amex, two transactions pending for Ebay for this ‘Paypal on ebay Mark’ at the 2145 Hamilton address, we do not purchase at all on Ebay with this card. Amex hare taking care of it and issuing a new card.

  8. I just got hit with a 72.25 charge by good old Mark Paypal for professional sevice. Have disputed with American express. This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping to get reimbursed!

  9. For your information, I had a Protek Trading transaction as well on some statements recently. It is a payment hub used by several e-commerce websites such as the very famous ETSY . com. The key issue here is that often, the name on the transaction differs from the commercial name you might expect hence the need for a strict follow-up / recording of payments via credit cards.

  10. Oddly, I have “Mark Paypal” listed, but I actually made the purchase from Total Charges $14.90, confused how all this fraud is related to an actual legitimate company.

  11. Just had a $900 dollar charge from Mark PayPal on my AmEx.
    The fraud story continues…….


    1. Is AMEX going to reimburse you for that large an amount? I saw another post where the woman was credited back half the amount so far. It appears this guy has nothing to do with paypal but he is accessing All customer information from American Express. my charge lists paypal as the merchant but it has nothing to do with paypal. I do not have my card on file with them! That is what is tipping me off to the fact that “Mark” is most likely an insider of AMEX with all customer information. It is the only logical explanation that I can see.

  13. Same deal here. Bogus Zappos charge (Mark Paypal again) for $378. Called Amex and (as usual) they have been fantastic. Charge is disputed, removed from account. Job done.

    Interestingly, this charge was made with my PREVIOUS card number which I cancelled this time last year after seeing some weird activity (a taxi fare in China for $6,000, for example). I’m guessing that number ended up on some scamming so-and-so’s list somewhere which then gets sold in some dodgy circles.

    Quite why Amex allowed a transaction to go through on a cancelled card number is a bit of a mystery though.

    1. Matt that is really interesting that it was a previous card number and…….I think perhaps it has to be an insider at AMEX. There is a common thread to many AMEX card holders being scammed by Mark. Paypal doesn’t seem to have anything to do with his midleading people in the direction of paypal because my AMEX isn’t linked to paypal and therefore he had to have gotten my card number some other way. With all the overseas customer service reps. getting our information and then asking for the code on the back it has to be someone inside!

  14. I have a pending charge like this as well. However, it matches a paypal payment I made to 1800-petmeds. It looks like it might be just how pending paypal charges appear on an Amex card. It will be interesting to see if it changes once the payment moves to recent charges.

    1. Whoops, I should have read all of the comments, derp…

  15. Mark, this is ola from atlanta ga, some body use my amex to process transaction today in the amount of $83.37 and $1.00, i want you to know that the charge is fraud, and i have reported the case to amex. And the person that made that purchase is from atlanta ga, you will not get your money, please do not ship whatever item that was purchase in your website today, may 16, 2012. and you can contact me the card owner, ola, 770-547-4533.

  16. I thought I had been scammed as I saw “Mark Paypal” charges as well. But, these just mean that someone called in the charge or somehow did it differently than the normal process. So… just because it says “Mark Paypal” doesn’t mean it is fraudulent. I just went through a bunch of charges with this label and it turns out that all are okay. But, I am less likely to use Paypal anymore just as a precaution (and so it’s easier to see these charges on my bill).

    1. I had the same Mark Paypal and it was a pending charge by Netflix. I noticed it because it was requiring in my case. Same $8.40 every month.

  17. This happens with other cards, too. With me, it was a Citibank card that had NEVER, ever been linked to a PayPal account. It had only been used with major online retailers like Newegg and Amazon, and sporadically at that. Apparently, there is an organized and ongoing scam that uses the PP guest payment service to make small unauthorized charges they hope no one will notice.

  18. Interesting.
    I thought I had a fraudulent charge for $76.19 from Mark Paypal (charged to my American Express), but when I checked my paypal account, it is for a company I ordered from (in China) that is called HexaTronix, better known as HobbyKing. It is a huge company that specializes in R/C hobby equipment. Perhaps somebody is scamming the card info from the company as I always end up getting my hobby stuff from them with no issues.

  19. Mark Paypal charged me $300 on my Amex. I, too, am very careful with my card information, only using it with major retailers — never websites. I filed a fraud complaint with Amex and got my money back, but the interesting thing is that Mark Paypal now shows up on my credit report as living at MY address. SO SCARY … please, people, check your credit reports!

  20. I have a Paypal account, but I never use it. However, I just got scammed by Mark Paypal as well. It seems to me that Paypal should prohibit transactions from Mark Paypal. I just don’t believe they can not write it into their security program. I have opened a claim with AMEX and I’m positive they will refund the $100.00 charge. This will be the 3rd time this year some dirt bag has scammed my AMEX card & I’ve had to get a new number. I hate these people who have nothing better to do but make our lives miserable with their petty little scams.

    1. Judy, that is so interesting it has happened to you 3 times. I’m posting a great deal that I think it is an AMEX insider! It has to be!!!!!

  21. got the same problem… Amex card charges show 4 different transactions from Paypal with the same merchant (all in October 2011). I did not authorize them. When i went to my paypal account, those transactions do not show. Did someone open a separate paypal account with my Amex card? i called Amex though not paypal. They promised to credit those charges back to my card as a part of the fraud protection program they have for their cardholders and will be investigating.

    1. They did not open a new paypal account. They simply paid with your Amex card on a paypal payment page. There is an option to pay by credit card on the paypal payment page if you dont have a paypal account.
      I suggest cancelling your Amex card and getting a new one. It is interesting that it happens with AMEX mostly.. seems like a not publicized credit card info leak…

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